Performance Uniform Power Pack

Performance Uniform Power Pack

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How to Unmask Your Ninja Powers

  • Step One: Suit up with our Performance Uniform Power Pack.
  • Step Two: Get to class and start mastering the ways of Ninja.


The NinjaZone Performance Uniform Power Pack contains a 100% Polyester T-shirt, a white level headband, Super Grip SocksBlack Athletic Shorts, and a few Ninja surprises to get prepared for class. 

  • All-new Performance Uniform Power Pack (2nd Gen) has a new material, new design, and is available in a range of Ninja sizes. 
  • Official NinjaZone training tee is lightweight, moisture-wicking, and highly breathable for Ninja missions near volcanoes, desserts, and other high temperature locations.
  • Secret Ninja thread ensures a standard fit after washing (does not guarantee Ninja will put uniform in laundry basket after use).
  • Provides increased directional ability, precise stopping response, and excellent dry traction in acceleration and cornering.
  • Features low observable stealth technology designed for night operations (kind of invisible while standing in the dark).
  • Carefully crafted to save the world for years to come, with a Ninja's seemingly endless energy in mind.

Performance Uniform Power Pack Sizes

All Headbands= One size fits all

  • Youth XS=  Youth XS shirt,   Youth XS shorts,   Small socks
  • Youth S=  Youth S shirt,   Youth S shorts,   Medium socks
  • Youth M=  Youth M shirt,   Youth M shorts,   Medium socks
  • Youth L=  Youth L shirt,   Youth L shorts,   Large socks
  • Youth XL=  Youth XL shirt,   Youth XL shorts,   Large socks
  • Adult S=  Adult S shirt,   Adult S shorts,   Large socks
  • Adult M=  Adult M shirt,   Adult M shorts,   Large socks
  • Adult L=  Adult L shirt,   Adult L shorts,   Large socks
  • Adult XL=  Adult XL shirt,   Adult XL shorts,   Large socks