NOTE: NinjaZone coupon codes and store promotions to not apply to ANY equipment.

We are incredibly excited to announce our strategic partnership with DGS! We’re proud to join forces with DGS and help our already thriving NinjaZone Member Clubs gain access to game-changing rigs, equipment, matting, and more.

The partnership, effective immediately, will present NinjaZone Members with more opportunities than ever before. The wide breadth of products already has the NinjaZone team “buzzing with excitement.” As Casey Wright, CEO of NinjaZone, explains, “We have created a vision for how our clubs can keep their ninjas fully engaged during class. The benefits of this new initiative are really exciting for NinjaZone programs around the globe.”

NinjaZone Member Clubs have to set up an account and be logged in to see the discounts. Follow the steps below to create your account.



Step 1

Click here to go to the DGS website. Click on red “Login” button located just to the left of search bar at top right of page.

Step 2

Under “New Customer” click on blue “Proceed to Registration” button.

Step 3

Enter information, then click “Create Account” button to submit. Your account will be immediately active, however it may take up to one business day for our team to confirm your Ninja Zone Licensee status and activate your special discounted pricing. You will receive an email once your special pricing has been activated. If you would like to make a purchase immediately after creating your account, please give us a call at 800-932-3339 so that we can expedite the process.


Already have your account set up? Click here to shop equipment now!





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